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MOCVD synthesis and thermo-electrical analysis of chalcogenide nanomaterials (1D and 2D). Main application area: non volatile phase change memory (PCM). Seed activities: nanostructured chalcogenides for spintronics, topological insulators and thermoelectrical materials.

Massimo Longo received the Laurea degree in Physics in 1993. During his thesis work he acquired the know-how of the Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy process (MOVPE). In 1994 he had an INFM post-lauream grant, working on the “Study of MOVPE growth of II-VI semiconductor layers” (Lecce Research Unit). During 1994-97 he attended the PhD course in Physics. Research topic: growth optimization and study of the chemical-physical processes taking place during the MOVPE growth of II-VI/GaAs heterostructures. During 1998-99 he worked with an INFM Post-Doc fellowship at the Unit of Research in Lecce. Research topics: MOVPE growth of quantum confined epitaxial nanostructures, based on III-V compounds (GaAs, InGaAs and AlGaAs) for infra-red oparating devices and nitride compounds (GaN, AlGaN ed InGaN) for optoelectronic devices operating in the blue-UV. In 1999-2002 he had an INFM grant for the MOVPE growth of heterostrucures based on InP for micro- and optoelectronic applications; during such period he directed the installation of the MOVPE Laboratory of the University of Parma (Italy), operating since 2001. From 2002 to 2007 he was a researcher for INFM (subsequently CNR-INFM) at the Department of Physics of the University of Parma, being also responsible of the epitaxial growth activity. Main research topics: MOVPE growth of arsenide and phosphide compounds for high efficiency, multi quantum well solar cells, devoted to terrestrial applications and MOVPE growth of structures for the study of the effects of iron ion implantation for microelectronic applications. During 2002-2007 he also worked in teaching, orientation and organizing for the University of Parma. Since 2007 he is a researcher at the former National Laboratory MDM of Agrate Brianza (Milano), currently CNR-IMM, supervising the synthesis by Metalorganic Chemical vapour Deposition (MOCVD) and characterization of chalcogenides for nanoelectronics and thermoelectrics. After coordinating national and bilateral projects on materials and nanostructures for PCM, he has coordinated the European EU-FP7 Project SYNAPSE (http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/106204_en.html). As for the joint activities of CNR-IMM with Micron ed STMicroelectronics, he has been acting since 2009 as the key-person for PCM memories, organizing the characterization of the involved materials through the analysis of the electrical transport (I-V, resisitvity), magnetic field (Hall effect) and thermal properties (3 Ω method). Since November 2018 he is key investigator within the EU H2020 FET PROACT project SKYTOP, in relation to the MOCVD Synthesis of topological insulator chalcogenide materials for spintronic applications Since January 2019 he is Workpackage leader for the materials development in the EU project H2020 ICT BeforeHand (2019-2021), devoted to the study of chalcogenide heterostructures for innovative phase change devices combining memory and computation capabilities.

Scientific Productions

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