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The following pages are the result of the exciting investigations presented during the Symposium AA of the 2015 E-MRS Spring Conference “Non-volatile memories: materials, nanostructures and integration approaches”, aimed to gather the newest and most significant studies in the field of materials and materialsrelated concepts for non-volatile memories (NVM), devices at the heart of all appliances that need to handle and keep information during power cycling. The increasing need for high density data storage systems in different types of applications has created a significant research effort to develop memory concepts using novel functional materials. Improving the scalability and performance of these new devices is a multi-disciplinary task, which spans from molecular dynamics to solid state physics, to manufacturing process. These aspects make the NVM field most appealing to the research related to materials with application potential, making the conference an excellent platform to share, make visible and disseminate the work done in this field in Europe and beyond.The topics covered were from the basic science to the materials research challenges, as well as key integration strategies for future technologies. Contribution areas included semiconductor-based memories, flash magnetic memories, ferroelectric systems, chalcogenide-based phase change memory, resistive RAM featuring novel dielectrics and neuromorphic concepts, conductive bridge RAM based on innovative nanostructured configurations and oxide stacks. These subject areas were presented as oral and poster con-
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2016

Judit G Lisoni, Damien Deleruyelle, Ludovic Goux, Massimo Longo, Dafine Ravelosona

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Volume: 2 Issue: 213 Pages: 235-236
physica status solidi (a)