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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a set of neurodevelopmental conditions characterised by a lifelong impairment, varying in degree, of three basic areas in the psychological development of children: limited social interaction, impaired or altered communication, and limited activities and interests.





POR FESR 2014 -2020 Regione Lazio


The past four decades demonstrated that non-neuronal cells, called astrocytes are emerging as crucial players for brain function & dysfunction.

BeforeHand - Boosting Performance of Phase Change Devices by hetero- and nano-structure material design

CNR-IMM participates with Rome Unit, Agrate Unit and Catania HQ to the European Project BeforeHand which aims at establishing the foundations of a new technology, suitable for the implementation in networks of Electronic Smart Systems (...

Snap-plat- Scalable nano-plasmonic platform for differentiation and drug response monitoring of organ-tropic metastatic cancer cells

Project supported by Ministero degli Affari Esteri e Della Collaborazione Internazionale.

Duration 2019-2021

Partecipants: IMM-CNR and IPCB-CNR, Johns Hopkins University. Departments of Oncology, Radiology &Radiological Science and Mechanical Engineering

Project coordinator: Annalisa Convertino

NeMoFOIL - Wireless Neuromonitoring Implant


Type of Project: ERC - Proof of Concept

Aim of the Project:



DIONISO - Analisi di DIelettrici a bassa temperatura basati su Ossi-Nitruri e ISOlanti ad alto k per elettronica ultra-veloce da impiegare in applicazioni aerospaziali

L’obiettivo principale del progetto è la messa a punto di dielettrici a bassa temperatura ad alto e basso k per la realizzazione di strati di passivazione e strati isolanti da applicare in dispositivi ad alta mobilità in nitruro di gallio (GaN) e in strutture capacitive per ottimizzare le prestazioni di circuiti elettronici di potenza.

ADRIANA Applicazione di tecniche di scansione di sonda a microonde per una analisi non intrusiva di manufatti

Conoscenza, diagnostica, conservazione e restauro dei beni culturali sono gli ambiti di intervento del progetto ADRIANA, che intende utilizzare l’innovazione tecnologica come strumento per scoprire e preservare il bene culturale per il suo stesso valore intrinseco.

METAmaterial inspired RF Microsystems tunable by RF-MEMS

Current telecommunication trends, especially for space applications, aim to the development of new RF Microsystems technologies characterized by high performance to fullfil the needs of reconfigurability for microwave communication systems.

KaBAS (Ka Band Antenna Systems)

The aim of the KaBAS project is to identify two different types of Ka-band antennas, intended for contexts with different needs, although they are both related to the satellite communications market. In particular:

ASTROMAT- Advanced Nano-Structured Material Interface and Devices for In Vivo-like-ln Vitro Monitoring of Astrocytes Physiology and Brain Toxicology

ASTROMAT is a project funded under the AFOSR Human Performance Program  and involves two CNR Institutes (CNR-DSCTM-ISOF and CNR-DSFTM-IMM) and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RHPB). 

Design and Test of Micro-fabricated microwave probes for magnetic materials characterization

The Project “Design and Test of Micro-fabricated microwave probes for magneticmaterials characterization”, is a joint research project co-funded by Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs General Directorate for Country Cultural Promotion in the context of the "Executive Protocol of Cooperation between Italy and USA for the years 2016-2017"...