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MABIOSKit - “Matrici di biosensori a trasduzione elettrica su pellicole polimeriche per kit diagnostici e monitoraggio terapeutico di malattie oftalmiche”, is a three years regional project coordinated by Fondazione Bietti. The team comprises this fondation and three teams of CNR - IMM, IFT and ISM respectively. The scientific coordinator of IMM group is Dr. Luca Maiolo.


The aim of the project is the fabrication and the testing of innovative electrochemical biosensors based on nanostructured materials for the detection of inflammatory states related to ophthalmic diseases. IMM is responsable for the fabrication of the devices and the electrochemical measurements of the sensors. The possibility to exploit the large surface-to-volume ratio and maximize the binding sites for specific proteins permits to dramatically increase the sensitivity of the devices. Different protocols for surface functionalization and analysis will be adopted to investigate the most suitable chemical chains and blocking molecules to enhance the sensor selectivity.

2015-01-01 to 2017-09-30