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CORTICONIC is a European three years project. In particular, CORTICONIC belongs to Research Area: ICT-2011.9.11 FET Proactive; Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems.

Corticonic, echoing electronics, consists of abstracting salient features of cortical organization for use in the simulation of the cortex executing higher level brain functions. Our final objective is to identify computational principles of the cerebral cortex underlying network dynamic patterns. In our long term vision, interfacing with the brain will take place: i)Towards the brain, delivering stimuli onto the nervous tissue to induce recovery, correct imbalances or to augment function and cognition, and ii)From the brain: to be able to operate machines by thinking.

Both interfaces require a detailed understanding of brain function.Our project has a multilevel experimental approach, covering scales from the micro to the macro, combined with a theoretical/computational approach. The approach and technologies developed in this project will have implications for areas including brain-computer interfaces, brain repair, brain modelling and massive scale computing.

In particular, our group, partner of the FET project, successfully produced this new tool for the recording and the stimulation of the cortical tissue both in vitro and in vivo (rats and ferrets). We realize that our novel instrument, called CorteXsense, could represent a unique technological improvement for a plethora of research activities where a large amount of weak bio-signals has to be detected and interpreted. The system has already been tested in electromyography and electrocardiography and it could be utilized in many different fields of research and applications such as:


•           Electrocorticography (ECoG),

•           Electromyography (EMG),

•           Electroencephalography (EEG),

•           Electrocardiography (ECG),

•           Neuroprosthesis activation       



IMM team:

  1. Guglielmo Fortunato
  2. Luca Maiolo
  3. Francesco Maita
  4. Marco Marrani
  5. Luca Pazzini
  6. Alessandro Pecora
  7. Davide Polese
2012-02-01 to 2015-09-30