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Current telecommunication trends, especially for space applications, aim to the development of new RF Microsystems technologies characterized by high performance to fullfil the needs of reconfigurability for microwave communication systems.
The synthesis of switchable and reconfigurable metamaterial configurations has been a subject of interest in recent years for their potential to tune the electromagnetic or optical properties of artificial structures based on them.
The most straightforward approach to implement switchable and reconfigurable microwave metamaterial devices is to provide electronic tunability to resonators that can be combined with RF-MEMS switches in order to implement electronically tunable resonant elements.
METAMEMS project concerns activities aimed at the joint maturity of the metamaterial design techniques and the technologies of MEMS devices for RF applications. The objective is to develop components for signal processing and radiation subsystems in the K (18-26.5 GHz), Ka (26.5-40GHz) and Q (33-50 GHz) bands, of great interest for RADAR and satellite telecommunications. The main purpose will be to determine technological solutions suitable for easily reconfigurable wideband performance of passive components and their miniaturization.

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2018-06-26 to 2020-06-26