Dear Colleague,

The journal Micromachines (ISSN 2072-666X) is currently running a Special Issue entitled “Nanostructured Surfaces and Devices for Biomedical Applications”.

As Guest Editors of this issue, we would like to invite you to contribute to this Special Issue (click here to go to the submission form)

The ability to control and modify the surface topography of materials at the nanoscale, which is producing features with a comparable size to that of biological entities, has opened the way to incredible application possibilities in the fields of biomedicine, biosensing, and diagnostics.

Extraordinary achievements have been obtained in cell investigation and manipulation by realizing scaffolds and biodegradable structures that can mimic micro and nanoscale natural tissue organization for regenerative purposes, or to influence, stimulate, and orient cell migration and differentiation, while bioinspired randomly oriented anisotropic nanostructures inserted in microfluidic devices have demonstrated notable topography-based capturing capabilities for molecular monitoring and low-concentration marker recognition in biological fluids.

On the other end, the nanostructuring of surfaces and interfaces can also alter and adjust their mechanical and “active properties”, such as optical, thermal, and electrical ones, to realize multifunctional platforms combining imaging, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities.

Accordingly, this Special Issue is devoted to collecting research papers, short communications, and review articles dedicated to innovative and advanced properties and applications of nanostructured surfaces and more complex devices, trying to foresee the future of biomedicine, right at the interface between different but converging disciplines.

Dr. Valentina Mussi
Dr. Annalisa Convertino
Dr. Antonella Lisi
Guest Editors


2020-05-01 to 2021-01-31